Day 210 – Keep Moving. Keep Moving.   4 comments

This picture is honestly a couple of years old. Sorry, I’m a bit short on publishable new material at the moment, but with the kids back to school in just two days, hopefully I’ll remedy that soon!



4 responses to “Day 210 – Keep Moving. Keep Moving.

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  1. Great wildlife shot Mike,it´s not the date the photo was taken that counts,it´s the photo itself that counts, as your latest post aptly demonstrates!

  2. wow!

  3. Nice capture, and those are some big webbed feet on those turtles. Must be fast swimmers. And no judgment here about dipping into the archives. For a while I use to get perplexed about keeping the most recent on the screen. I felt I was leaving behind some good photos for the sake of “fresh content.” I find now that folder exploring is just a fun as “day of” exploring.

  4. Great shot, and a cute caption too.
    Back to School really can be such a GREAT time of freedom, much as we love the ankle biters too 🙂

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