Day 211 – I Have One Just Like That! Sort Of.   4 comments

As mentioned yesterday, I have no new shots at the moment, so I’m dipping into the archives. I think I’m going to go with an animal theme for the next few days. This evening as I sat down to do my blog entry, I saw fellow blogger Brandon’s post and I decided to synchronize posts. Sort of. If you want to know what I mean, you’re just going to have to follow the link to see what he posted today!

It’s been a cool couple of days in Edmonton. We had a high of 14C today and they’re forecasting 17C tomorrow and just 13C on Friday. It’s warming up on the weekend, but it still feels like summer is making an early departure. While we’re enjoying this cool change, I’ve picked up a Lee Child book called 61 Hours. It’s from his Reacher series (all about an ex-special ops dude and coming soon to a silver-screen near you featuring Tom Cruise in the lead role).

The novel is fine, but it’s setting is putting me a bit off. It set in South Dakota in the middle of winter. In the story, there is snow everywhere and it’s bitterly cold. He talks so much about the snow and ice that it’s almost the other major character in the novel. It keeps talking about how miserably cold it is and with almost every page turned the weather is getting colder. Makes me cold just reading the book and reminds me way too much of winter in Edmonton. It’s far too early in the year to be this stuck into winter.

The next book I read needs to be set somewhere in the tropics.


4 responses to “Day 211 – I Have One Just Like That! Sort Of.

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  1. It’s the stripey cousin! I’m envious of your cool weather but I know I won’t be envious of Edmonton weather in a few months.

  2. I am in the same way this week! It must be the seasons changing. I am thinking of going to Drumheller to shake the feeling 🙂

  3. Cool stripes. This will look great framed!

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