Day 216 – What Is It About Pelicans?   8 comments

Apparently there’s something about pelicans for me. They are such a photogenic bird. I’m thinking that may be enough of pelicans though. While I have plenty more, my blog might start being mistaken for a blog that’s just about pelicans.

So I mentioned yesterday that we spent the weekend outside Banff NP. Well, it wasn’t just us in the Banff area. I went out to do some shooting on Sunday and it looked like most of Calgary was taking advantage of the last long weekend before winter rolls in.

If you’re going to stay overnight in the National Park or visit any of the hikes/locations outside the town of Banff, you need a park pass.  If you don’t have an annual pass (we do), you need to pick up a pass on your way in. As we approached the entrance, we came upon what looked like a hundred cars queuing up to buy passes. We thought we’d made a mistake heading into the park until we saw the lane for people with annual passes and just sailed on past.

As we passed by all the parked cars, the kids started saying something along the lines of “Haha! Suckers!”. I told them that was wrong and we shouldn’t say things like that. Of course, I may, possibly have been thinking the same thing. Probably not, but you know, just maybe.


8 responses to “Day 216 – What Is It About Pelicans?

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  1. This is a beautiful shot, we don’t have pelicans over here, so just to see one would be fab!!

  2. I love the pelicans – they are beautiful especially when they are flying! great shot

  3. Nice work on the rule of thirds. And three pelicans to boot! Good job.

  4. I love this. I rarely get to see pelicans in real life. I think I have only ever seen two, maybe three. They are interesting looking birds, and your photo is beatiful.

  5. I have this thing for pelicans too… they are such interesting looking birds. Amazing you were able to get so close to them. I spent the last three days trying to get a shot of all the migrating pelicans and none would come close to shore.

  6. We have tons of pelicans here. In fact, we are called the “Pelican State” and it is our official state bird. I enjoy them too but they haven’t been at my go to spots lately. But none of ours look like these or maybe it’s because I rarely see them on land. These are strangely proportioned, almost like caricatures. Great capture!

  7. Thanks for the comments everyone! This is one of my favourites of my pelican shots.

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