Day 218 – Fly Away! Fly Away!   8 comments

Speaking of camping, if yesterday’s story was about a dry camping trip, today’s is about a wet one.

This particular weekend, we decided to set out northwest of Melbourne to a campsite called Mount Franklin. The campground sits in the crater of a long extinct volcano. We arrived early in the afternoon and set up camp a few meters back from the road under a big, sprawling tree.

We then headed out to check out the nearby town of Daylesford. While we were there, we got caught in a brief, but heavy rain. We scrambled for some shelter. After 15 minutes, it was all over. Thought nothing more of it. After spending the afternoon out, we headed back to camp only to find the rain had hit pretty hard inside the crater of the long extinct volcano.

While we were away, our tent found itself in the middle of a flash flood. There was a clear path where lots of water had rushed down the hillside and around our tent. Mud had flowed down the hill and buried the sides of the tent. Plus, the tent was now sitting at the edge of a newly formed lake that made the road virtually unpassable. While the tent was thankfully dry inside we thought it best to move to higher ground.

At our new spot, we set up our dining tent – helps keep the flies away – good for eating in peace. It has a top, but the sides are all screened. It’s not waterproof. That was okay though. The rain had passed.

Of course, while preparing dinner, it started raining again. We took shelter in our dining tent to eat. It afforded us a bit of protection, but we were definitely getting a little wet around the edges. After a little glow-stick entertainment for the kids, we packed off to bed. Come morning the rain was still coming down and while we had stayed dry, our dining tent did not fare so well. It managed to capture a good 10cm (4″) of water. Our very own wading pool.

We decided to cancel that camping trip and fly away home after just the one night.



8 responses to “Day 218 – Fly Away! Fly Away!

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  1. We have had a few soggy camping trips, ususally it rains when we were trying to put the tent down but on one occasion we didn’t even stay the night, we put up the tent, went out for the afternoon and when we got back to the tent after it had rained, there was a small river running through the center of the tent. We just packed it up and went home..they joys of camping 🙂

    • Small river through the centre of your tent?! You’d have to just laugh at a sight like that and just add it to your collection of camping stories. We were sure we were washed out when we first got back to camp!

  2. Cool birds
    Good call on the camping.
    When we camped in Wales, we found the difference between us dry lander city types and them that live in the wet all the time. Amongst other things, they all had tents where the poles were integrated into the fly, rather than the tent. So they pitch the fly first, whether it’s raining or not, preferably somewhere that is not going to be a river. It’s quite a vertical landscape, so runoff spots are fairly obvious. Then they get into the dry space under the fly, lay down the deluge proof ground sheet, and clip the still-dry tent so it is suspended from the poles that hold up the fly. They have huge vestibules to hang wet gear in, and presto-gizzmo … dry space in the rain. We were very impressed (as we watched from inside the car and waited for the rain to stop 🙂

    • That sounds like pretty cool idea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tent like that. When we camped in Australia, the big difference we found is that the Aussies usually have bigger tents and often with vestibules where they store their food. Of course, for us western Canadians, not such a good idea…

  3. Bummer… sorry to hear about your soggy trip. It’s never fun to camp in heavy rain, especially with kids. But at least you got a nice action shot of the birds. What kind of bird are they?

  4. Beautiful picture but I also feel sorry for what happened!!

    Mai Mergili from PENCIL PILLOW

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