Day 223 – Having a Bit of Fun   8 comments

Demon Child

I cooked up this image last night. The offspring was having a grand old time hamming it up for my camera. Based on her ‘ferocious snarl’ I felt the fire-eyes were appropriate. I also composited a more appropriate background to go with her mood.


8 responses to “Day 223 – Having a Bit of Fun

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  1. Now we just need an exorcist… 😉

  2. I have trouble picturing my darling grandaughter as a fire breathing dragon- but that’s all that is missing!

  3. TRULY ferocious! Missing tooth clearly lost in battle with Orcish army.

  4. LOL… humorous capture Mike. It would be interesting to see smoke or fire blowing out of her nostrils.

  5. You are that handy with Photoshop Mike and you know it! i´d put her more in the Avatar class rather than the fire-breathing dragon class-nice shot!

    • But Adrian, there are so many things I want to be able to do, but really don’t quite understand. On the bright side, I learn something new just about every week!

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