Day 224 – Watch Your Step   5 comments

When we were in Canmore a couple of weeks ago, we went on a hike and eventually came to a river. Because of the low water levels at this time of year, there were countless river crossings to keep the kids endlessly entertained going back and forth across the river. It helped that the 10-year old in the family we were visiting was a dedicated rock hopper and was guiding my kids.

While it wasn’t a huge, dangerous, raging, white-water river (as you can see) there were some minor risks involved in the hike like maybe a twisted ankle. I don’t worry that much about the kids, but the older one’s arm hadn’t fully mended at this stage and the younger one isn’t nearly as sure on her feet as she thinks she is. That said, I tried to be brave and let kids be kids.

We lunched part way up before heading back down. Just as we got started, the little one (above) took a mis-step and ended up both feet in about 15cm of water. Enough to cover her shoes, but that’s about it. She just stood there a bit shocked unsure what to do until her mom and I started laughing and then she realized it was no big deal and laughed along with us.


5 responses to “Day 224 – Watch Your Step

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  1. Great multi-exposure, Mike. Is that a true walking stick or is she using a fishing pole? 🙂

  2. I love the multi-exposure image, it is great, and I love that you were “brave” and let the kids be kids. I remember telling my kids that I was sure they could handle the new challenge, but I wasn’t ready.

  3. nice job with the multi-exposure, mike! it came out really well!

  4. Such a cutie and fun to see our view in the background!

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