Day 225 – I Just Feel Like Killing People!   3 comments

Don’t worry, I don’t actually feel like killing people. My six-year old on the other hand….

The title of today’s post was what I heard uttered by my six-year old in utter joy as she played Lego Batman on the XBox this afternoon. At least the people she was killing were the bad guys. Right?

If you haven’t played the Lego series, you might not know that ‘killing’ means breaking the other characters into their component Lego pieces. There’s no blood at all. I’ve been playing the Lego series of games with my older daughter for the past 4 years and (to my knowledge) she hasn’t turned into a psychopath yet.

For now, despite the glee with which they massacre fields of bad, bad, Lego men (and women) they seem relatively well-adjusted and not inclined at all to take their killing sprees into the real world. They still enjoy regular, real-world activities like hiking across streams with their friends.

If I wake up tonight with one of them standing over my bed, I’ll assume they’re just looking for a glass of water.


3 responses to “Day 225 – I Just Feel Like Killing People!

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    Thanks, Mike! Fantastic image!

    Munchkin says. “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?”

  2. Now this is creative, with the alternating pattern. Awesome composition! I love the Legos game and my oldest is just starting to ripen for the vid gaming world. I can’t wait until we can kill, I mean “break” the imperial army 🙂

  3. It’s like a wave of children washing across the picture.

    Steve Schwartzman

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