Day 226 – Life’s Not Just Rainbows and Unicorns   6 comments

You may have seen this photo a couple of days ago, but it has gone through a few more revisions in the meantime. I have to thank Adrian for the inspiration. He left a comment on Day 223 saying the previous version looked a bit Avatar. The notion stuck so I ran with it. The stripes come from the zebra on Day 211. The eyes are actually wood grain with a colour shift. The fangs were cut from a photo I pulled off the web. The concrete texture behind her is from the foundation of our house. There’s also a bit of texture in her face from the high-level bridge here in Edmonton.

My six-year old loved it so we added the tagline and turned it into a 24″x36″ poster for her bedroom wall.

Sadly, the ten-year old likes it so much, I now have to do one of her. Doesn’t she understand how long this image took me to make? Really though, it’s my own fault. Looks like I really set myself up for that one.



6 responses to “Day 226 – Life’s Not Just Rainbows and Unicorns

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  1. _All_ the cool demon spawn, err, kids will want one!

  2. Very cool!looks like a whole bunch of work´s gone into that poster Mike, great!

    • Oi, Adrian, you’ve no idea. I put way too many hours into this one! We got the poster hung today and it came back from the printers just the way we wanted it.

  3. Fantastic!!!!

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