Day 227 – Break of Dawn   5 comments

I captured the above image as the sun finally rose over the mountains to shine down on little O’Shaughnessy Falls in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Because the falls were still in shadow, I was able to capture a long(ish) exposure to catch the motion in the falls and yet still include the sun in the image.

I’m pleased to say that Summer went out with a bang today. I know. Technically, Summer was over a few days ago, but Edmonton recorded its highest temperature of the year today with a very pleasant 32.5C (90.5F). We celebrated with a nice, long family bike-ride. The reason I’m calling Summer over is that from today, it looks like the temp is dropping. High of 20C tomorrow (which is still fine), then quickly down to the mid-teens for the rest of the week. Given how close we are to October, and considering we had our first snowfall on Oct 25 last year, I’m thinking we’ve seen the last of the warm weather until May.

Still, I’m going to resist turning on the heat or pulling out the electric blanket for as long as I can. Right now, I’m hoping to hold out for another three weeks!


5 responses to “Day 227 – Break of Dawn

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  1. Thei is stunning, well done 🙂

  2. Breath-taking!!!! 🙂 **

  3. very beautiful! what a serene and yet surreal moment you captured there!

  4. Oh my. This is righteous! I’m sad to report we had a false start on autumn with temps back up to high 90s this week. Send some of that down here.

  5. This is incredible! Absolutely lovely!

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