Day 228 – What Have You Learned Lately?   9 comments

Rainbow Falls, Whistler BC

Photography (like so many things) is a constant learning process. At least it should be, but we’re all guilty of falling into habits and not trying new things. Well, maybe you’re not, but I certainly am.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit friends in Vancouver. One friend in particular is someone with whom I used to do a lot of photography. We did joint photo assignments where we would select a theme and then have one month to shoot our best work. At the end of the month, we’d get together to critique each other’s images. It was a great way to learn. He always left me wanting to do better next time. Happily, he and I had a chance to do some shooting together for the first time in nearly 10 years.

We haven’t yet had a chance to compare images from our hikes, but I learned something from him without even seeing his images. When I’m out and about I tend to shoot big pictures – landscapes, vistas. Given that we were hiking in the west coast Rockies, vistas would be the name of the game for me. And then I watched him shooting and so much of what he did was up close, capturing details, seeing textures or light that intrigued him right in front of his nose.

Many of my pictures from the hikes are still mountain vistas, but I learned to look at the little details too and find images in those smaller details.

What have you learned lately?


9 responses to “Day 228 – What Have You Learned Lately?

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  1. Great long exposure, Mike. Coincidentally, I had the same conversation with a friend a while back while out shooting in the city, about too often going for the bigger picture. He had a good approach to thwarting that tendency though by leaving his entire lens bag behind except for his 100mm prime while we were out in the streets. It’s definitely something I need to work on.

    • That’s a good idea. I’m participating in the international photo walk this weekend. I may just bring along my 100mm prime and leave the rest at home.

  2. Nice shot. I’ve also learned that I can sometimes get stuck in my ways and that I need to be more flexible.

  3. I´ve come to the same conclusion, whilst trying to compose landscapes in Austria, this year it´s only when you get back and review the foto´s you see what you´ve missed “Less is more”! i like this one of yours the best of your long exposures! Great Shot!

  4. I’ve learned that I still have SOOO much to learn! 😀

  5. Mmmmmmmm. I really like this too. My photos are not of your calibre, not even close, but I prefer close shots too. I’m a real fan of bark and moss. Go figure

  6. Excellent long exposure, and nice lesson as well!

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