Day 230 – I Prefer Water Falls to Children Falls   11 comments

Rainbow Falls, Whistler BC

So I’m on my own again this week. My wife is out-of-town (business trip). This isn’t a new occurrence. Over the years, she’s spent more than a little bit of time travelling. Usually it’s only a week at a time. The longest was about six weeks. More often than it seems reasonable, one of the kids comes down sick with something while she’s away. In fact, they often catch something the day she leaves.

This week did not disappoint. No one got sick, but our youngest did a face plant at the playground at school. She hit her forehead pretty hard on the one of the wooden platforms. Thankfully there was no blood. Unfortunately I was not by my phone when they called me to come fetch her, so she had to wait 45 minutes before I turned up to rescue her. Bad Dad.

As a parent of active kids, I know, as I’m sure many parents do, the basic checklist for checking your kid for a concussion. Sadly, this list has been useful to me in the past. This time she came through the list clean. No concussion, just a big, colourful goose-egg.

The photo today is Rainbow Falls again in Whistler, BC. It offers an endless range of photo opportunities.


11 responses to “Day 230 – I Prefer Water Falls to Children Falls

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  1. Another great one mike. I haven’t seen many monochrome finished put on these kinds of photography, but it works awesome. The warm sepia tones add an extra tranquility to an already tranquil photo. Have you tried doing a “cyanotype” process? I wonder how the luminosity would work out in a style like that. Oh, and yeah, I’ve learned that girls can be as injury prone as boys although, at least with my girls, it results from clumsiness with occasional violence. Some of that occasional violence came the other day when my 2yo decleated my 5yo with a metal pot lid (with the edge) across the side of the cranium because she “frisbee” threw it. Ten minutes later I was Googling “concussion” myself.

    • Is it wrong that I’m laughing right now? I have actually tried cyan toning on some of these. It makes them look like night shots. Perhaps I should post one tomorrow…

  2. Nice shot, there’s a certain quality to the light that almost makes it look like a studio shot.

  3. Brandon´s comment about Cyan toning,sounds interesting, post one tommorrow Mike so i can get a look. Oh and i better check out the “concussion checklist” because with my little tearaway, the day is bound to come-love your waterfall series!

  4. Whew, glad to hear all is good after the face plant (I know how stressful that is on parents…let alone the kidlets). I am with Brandon, girls can be rather injury prone (I know my girls have been). They play hard to keep up with “the older brother”! Like the image, did you have something in mind with the large white border? Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of the border, perhaps not as big though. 🙂

    • Hey David, long time no see. I’ve been watching your blog and wondering when you’d be back. On the border, I’m liking the big borders lately (I accept that this one may be a bit large). Think of it as me matting my images the same way I would if I was hanging them on my wall. I’m just hanging them on my blog!

  5. I start my day perusing the first 30+ pages under the WordPress photography tag. Most of the time, I just click on thumbnails that I find intriguing without reading the title or name of the blog. Mike, I’m always clicking on your thumbnails and finding your “In Search of Style” blog! Keep up the outstanding work!

  6. Ouch!

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