Day 232 – Cleaning Day   3 comments

Rainbow Falls, Whistler, BC

I finally cleaned my sensor (actually the low pass filter in front of the sensor) today. I should have done it ages ago, but I’ve felt that first-time-cleaning anxiety. There are so many warnings out there about how you can scratch the glass if it has any hard particles on it. Warnings aside, I’ve also learned that it’s just a bit too hard (and expensive) to get gear serviced professionally (and locally) so if I can do it myself, I’m going to because really, how hard can it be? As it turns out, not too hard at all.

I put the camera in sensor cleaning mode, gave it a few puffs with a filtered blower, put the cleaning fluid on the swab and gave the low-pass filter a single wipe from side to side. All done. Checked it with a few test shots and it’s all good. Cleaner than it’s been in months and months. Hopefully it’ll last and I’ll have a lot less post-production dust removal.

This image is, once again, from Rainbow Falls in Whistler, BC.  This image unfortunately needed a bit of cleanup. I discovered, on returning from my travels, that there were some small fibers right in the middle of the sensor that I’ve had to remove from every single image. Next time, I should apparently do a test shot before I pack.


3 responses to “Day 232 – Cleaning Day

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  1. I use a Canadian product “Arctic Butterfly” by Visible Dust, Mike, i absolutely swear by it, in the dusty environment which is Spain I´ve had to cleanup maybe 10 times this year. especially after lens changes in the field. With the Arctic Butterfly,the dust actually migrates to the Silicon fibres of the brush which is then removed entirely from the camera, if there are any grease spots i remove them with the swabs-dry- it´s never failed me to this day! i just wonder with blowers-are you removing the dust or just moving it to more inaccessible parts of the camera? You might find it uesful to read the tech specs on Visible Dust´s website-seems to make logical sense to me! Manual sensor cleaning is highly stressful at the best of times but gets easier with practice (as you know,make sure the battery is fully charged when doing this,don´t want that mirror coming down in mid op)!
    Like the slippery wet stones up there, great image!

    • Adrian, I was just looking at the Arctic Butterfly yesterday! The swab I used yesterday is from Visible Dust. I’m definitely considering the butterfly tool. Looks like a very useful tool as dust is often a problem for me.

  2. Beautifully sharp and elegant long exposure. Great work, Mike

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