Day 234 – Speaking of Jays…   3 comments

Blue Jay at Stawamash Chief, Second Summit

Yesterday, I posted a few images of a Gray Jay (or Whiskey Jack) from the summit of Whistler, BC. Today’s Jay is (as you can see) a Blue Jay. This one is perched on a tree on the second summit of the Stawamus Chief in Squamish (Sḵwxwú7mesh), BC. The mottled background is not an odd-looking sky, but actually the neighbouring mountain-side.

We did the hike to the second summit of the Stawamus Chief the day I arrived in Vancouver (two weeks ago). I got off the plane and we drove directly to the chief, had a quick gander at Shannon Falls (as the base of the Chief), grabbed a quick bite to eat and then started climbing. The hike is rated at ‘moderate’ which seems about right, even to someone who’s as out of shape as I am. I was certainly feeling it, but from bottom to top it’s a mere 500m elevation change. There are some technical challenges along the way with chains and ladders to help traverse the tricky bits.

There are three summits at the Chief (south, centre and north). We chose the second summit. Most of the hike is deep in the trees. As we approached the summit, the view opens up as the trees thin out in favour of mostly bare rock. From the top, you can look back down to the highway and the town of Squamish as you take a well-earned break.


3 responses to “Day 234 – Speaking of Jays…

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  1. Lovely capture, Mike! I love the tones of the blue feather against the sky.

  2. Nice photo, love the bird.

  3. Interesting framing and love how the blue of that bird is picked up in the mountain blur. A Blue Jay, eh? The ones around here look dramatically different, with white striping & specs, especially around the neck area. I have never seen one with that kind of gray. Great capture, Mike.

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