Day 235 – A Hunting We Will Go   8 comments


I captured this blue heron while it was hunting for dinner in Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC late on Friday evening a couple of weeks ago. Specifically, I believe this was in the Lost Lagoon area of the park.

The park (for those who don’t know) is a 400 hectare park right on the edge of downtown Vancouver. It’s a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike. When I used to live here, this was a regular destination for my family to go walking, inline skating or biking around the 9km path along the seawall.

The birds and animals seem accustomed to sharing the park with people. As I stood at the shore of the Lost Lagoon taking pictures of the ducks, swans, and even raccoons, this Blue Heron landed right next to me. He posed for a few pictures before being scared off by an aggressive walker. The heron didn’t go too far though, landing on the log above to continue his search for dinner.


8 responses to “Day 235 – A Hunting We Will Go

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  1. Beautiful 🙂

  2. Beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Great compo Mike,everythings in the right place,what a great place to have lived! coincedentely a pair of white Herons have returned from thieir long sojourn to Africa to our creek here in Spain (we´ve had a lot of rain recently), but their really shy, can´t get that close to them,my 70-300mm does´nt do the trick, if i approach-they´re off, great bird/ wildlife shot!

  4. Love the PP Mike, I really like the branches in this image (hard to explain why, I just love it)! Next time you are in Vancouver send me a message and I’ll come up!

  5. I too like how the branches were framed. I think it is because the curves are picked up in the heron, giving everything a uniform style of line shape. Just an excellent composition, Mike.

    • That’s what I saw when I was framing this one. I walked along the bank until I found this spot where the branches were mirroring the heron’s beak. Thanks for the kind words.

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