Day 239 – Are You Sure You’re Ready For This?   11 comments

Whistler Mountain Gondola

Hiking is a popular summer activity in Whistler. A lot of the most popular hikes are up at the top of the mountain which means either a very long walk up or a gondola ride. A daily ticket on the gondola gets you a ride all the way to the top and another back down. If you miss the last ride down you have a rather lengthy 16km hike downhill to get you home.

I rocked up to the ticket window to get my day pass. The ticket agent asked me where I was from. I told her I was visiting from Edmonton. She started giving me the spiel about the various hikes and the varying difficulties. Then she started crossing off some of the hikes telling me they were more difficult or too long. She then started telling me about how it was colder at the top (by as much as 10C) and that I should make sure I was dressed appropriately. And, did I know that flip-flops weren’t appropriate for these hikes. Finally she circled the easy hikes and told me I should try those.

I’m not sure if she targeted me in particular for all the warnings or if that’s her regular pitch. Maybe it was because I said I was from Edmonton. Not too many mountains here in Edmonton.

The view in the image above is of the sunshine breaking through the trees as we rode the gondola up Whistler. For the record, I was dressed warmer than I should have been (though not by much), I did not wear flip-flops and we did the 10km High Note Trail which is rated as Difficult.


11 responses to “Day 239 – Are You Sure You’re Ready For This?

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  1. Nice shot, very dramatic light.

    • As soon as I saw the sun coming through the trees I wrapped my camera strap firmly around my wrist and stuck the camera out the gondola window. I couldn’t even see what I was shooting. Shot wide and then cropped to get this final image.

  2. Fantastic shot!

  3. Love the toning in this one, and especially that misty, smokey, frothy stuff up top. And, yeah, the ticket agent sounded a bit condescending.

    • Thanks Brandon. Not entirely sure I got the right tone in this one. I had a bit of trouble with the conversion to sRGB for publishing – the colours never quite came out the way I wanted them. Then I saw them on my laptop and they looked really flat. Might need to calibrate the laptop (if I can…).

  4. Love the picture. Love the story. Crazy busy trying to throw the last few pieces for a show (due in 8 days). You sound busy too. Looking forward to seeing the results!

  5. Great mood 🙂

  6. This one too has a fabulous colour to it.

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