Day 240 – Against the Grain   7 comments

Train Over the High Level Bridge, Edmonton

The first weekend of October was the International Scott Kelby Photo Walk for 2011. Against my general inclination, I actually decided to join one of the local photo walks. I don’t really like shooting in groups and I’m not much for photo walks unless they are out in the bush. It’s not that I’m anti-social, but if I see a bunch of photographers shooting somewhere, I often head in the opposite direction. The last thing I want to do is shoot what everyone else is shooting. Hence the title of today’s post. Despite my instinct to avoid this sort of thing, I decided to try something new.

As photo walks go, this was a pretty busy one. There were about 50 people. More than enough to be drawing a fair bit of attention from just about everyone else in the neighbourhood. Thankfully, the group spread out pretty quickly. It was a bit thick with cameras on the main street so I took to the alleyways and the nearby rail lines. Absorbed in this subject area, I managed to lose the group. Given how thick they were on the street, I was a bit surprised, but as I said, they were dispersing fast.

The tracks proved most productive for me on this walk. I took this image of the tracks as they head over the High-Level Bridge which spans the North Saskatchewan river between the south side and north side of Edmonton. During the warmer months, these tracks play host to a local tourist tram that runs from the Old Strathcona Market up into the city.


7 responses to “Day 240 – Against the Grain

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  1. Great photo – I really like what you have done with the colour, it has a rusty oil soaked feel like the rails often have. The picture is also nostalgic for me as I used to play in that spot when I was a kid in the 60’s before we moved to the coast – had trains squash more than a few pennies for me right at that location.

  2. I quite like it. The composition is nice and the editing is interesting.

  3. I too like the composition very much and the tone is perfect. A very moody looking scene, makes me think of some post-apocalyptic movie.

  4. Very nice… I missed the photo walk again this year. Maybe next year!

  5. Off the beaten path! Great toning and like the heavy thingamabob in the foreground and then the fuzzy skyline in the distance.

  6. My first visit to your site, following a link from Emily Gooch… What a wonderful subject for a tastful HDR treatment! I really like how you have not overdone the saturation, but have kept it pleasantly ethereal without being overpowering in any way. It draws me in and makes me want to walk the track. Well done!

    • Welcome to my blog and thanks for the kinds words. I hope you’ll come again. Always good to be introduced to a new blog, so I’m heading over to yours right now.

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