Day 241 – New Tool   7 comments

So frequently I post a picture and then don’t talk about it that I’m sure it’s almost becoming expected of me. Today does not break that tradition. What can I say? It’s a flower. I like it, but there’s no story behind it.

On a slightly more interesting note, I added a new piece of kit to my camera bag this weekend. I had a wedding reception shoot on Sunday night. It was going to be indoors and pretty dark so I needed to have my flash ready and responsive. Rather than rely on the on-board batteries alone, I now have a TD-381 Flashgun power pack from Pixel. This unit cost me just $70 as compared to the Canon version that runs for $150 in the US or as much as $275 here in Canada.

I read the forums before ordering one from Amazon and everyone had good things to say. After using it on Sunday night over a period of four hours and about 500 shots, I have to agree. It kept up easily, keeping my flash ready when I needed it. When we did formal portraits, I moved the power pack to a second off-camera flash with an umbrella and it had no trouble powering the big shots with full power flash to light groups of up to 20 people.

If I’m planning on using my flash, I won’t leave home without my new battery pack.


7 responses to “Day 241 – New Tool

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  1. Beautiful colours and textures. I love it.

  2. Always enjoy these, Mike.

  3. OK, I admit it. I’m a girl. I like this a lot.

  4. I love the texture that was added to the photo. How were you able to achieve that?

    • Hi Maggie, thanks for the kind words. Textures are really easy to add to photos as long as you have something like Photoshop and some textures. I have a collection of about 150 textures – just photos I’ve taken or collected over time. When I gave a photo that I think lends itself to a textured treatment I open the photo in PS then open a texture photo too. I copy the texture and paste it as a new layer on my photo. I change the blending mode on the texture layer to Overlay or Soft Light.

      That’s the basics. I will often use layer masks to control the application of the texture across the image. I will also often use more than one texture at a time.

      • Thanks! I’ve used the filters that come with photoshop but have never thought about using a photo as a texture. I am going to give that a try!

  5. I love the color and use of texture on this photo, beautiful

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