Day 242 – Back to the Rockies   5 comments

This is the view at sunset from the base of Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, BC. I captured this image just 20 minutes after the image I posted yesterday. We were heading back to the condo we rented at the base of Blackcomb. In the winter, this would be a ski-in, ski-out kind of place. That is, you walk out of your hotel, strap on your skis and ski down to the lift. At the end of the day, you ski right back to your hotel. These places are just as convenient in the summer months when you can walk right out the back door and be on the mountain or down into the village in just a few minutes.

The heavy clouds hung over the village all day, but this was the day we were hiking the Whistler summit and, at the summit, we were way above the clouds. No complaints about the clouds at the end of the day though. What’s a sunset without clouds to catch the colours?


5 responses to “Day 242 – Back to the Rockies

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  1. Stunning! This looks like a good example of right place at the right time.

  2. My mind says it’s Mt Olympus – as if there are some gods playing with their powers between the mountain and those clouds.

  3. Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful capture Mike. And you are right… it wouldn’t be much of a sunset without the clouds.

  5. Beautiful light, well filtered by the clouds

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