Day 244 – Photo Workshops   3 comments

Lately I’ve been “attending” some photography workshops hosted by creativeLIVE. The folks at creativeLive host photography workshops and live stream them over the web for free. Via chat room, anyone of the online participants can join in the workshop by asking questions. As you are reminded frequently throughout the classes, if you find the workshop useful you can buy access to the videos to re-watch anytime you like.

These aren’t 30-minute webcasts either. These are two and three-day workshops so if you want to give one a try, make sure you set aside some time! If you can’t make it for the live class during the day, they play them again at night.

Because they are so long, I mostly dip in and out of the workshops. They publish an agenda so you can pick and choose when to show up. If you have the time, give them a try. That’s where I was introduced to the techniques behind employing textures.

3 responses to “Day 244 – Photo Workshops

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  1. Great photo! It gives the impression of a water color!

  2. Love CL!!! You’re textures are inspiring me. I’m in Denver, CO right now drinking in the Rockies and taking loads and loads of images to bring home. Maybe I’ll give textures another shot!!

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