Day 245 – Tripping Over Photographers   6 comments

Salt Spring Island

This image isn’t from Whistler (like so many of my recent images), but it is from the West Coast of BC. This view is from my wife’s cousin’s front yard on Salt Spring Island. Talk about a view! It’s no wonder the west coast is so popular.

Here in land-locked Edmonton, Winter is rushing up on us quickly. Autumn is a quick season here, lasting just about one month. This Thursday and Friday the forecasted high is a mere 4C. We’re almost certain to see snow before this month is through. Today though, the sun was shining and we decided we needed a walk in the river valley.

Apparently it was such a nice day, a lot of people had portraits organized. Everywhere we turned there was another photographer and his (or her) clients. In just the short walk we took, we saw at least four or five portrait sessions underway. I was, of course, adding to the population of camera-jockeys out for the day. I was taking pictures of my family too. I should be able to come up with a photo or two in the next few days…


6 responses to “Day 245 – Tripping Over Photographers

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  1. The use of texture really brings out a painterly feel. Another excellent one.

  2. Interesting processing. It does make the photo look more like a painting. I’m thinking this was done in PS?

  3. I love the colors in your photo, wonderful job on the photo. I am not looking forward to the winter here in Alberta, where they some have predicted that it is going to be the coldest winter on record!!!!!

  4. I like the ones with the bird but for some reason this one is my favorite of the series 🙂

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