Day 246 – This Tree Is Made For Climbing And That’s Just What I’ll Do   3 comments

Tree Climbing

I wasn’t actually going to post today. It’s not that I don’t have images backed up, but I’m working on other things and the blog can’t always come first. Given the time is quickly approaching midnight, apparently the blog came last today.

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent some quality time outside on Sunday enjoying the autumn in the river valley in Edmonton. The above image is one in my long-running series of multiple exposures. I created this one from a series of images in Hawrelak Park.

There’s a little duck pond – actually a fairly large duck pond – in the middle of this park. I heard on the news tonight that the mayor rejected a $60 million proposal to make the pond swimmable. Sounds like the mayor decided the $60M price tag was a bit steep and suggested they build a splash pad and truck in some sand for closer to $5M. Seems a bit more reasonable. Seriously, Edmonton only has maybe three months where you could reasonably swim outside and in two of those months you’d be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Not sure that would be $60M well spent.


3 responses to “Day 246 – This Tree Is Made For Climbing And That’s Just What I’ll Do

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  1. This is a really great photo, Mike… it’s cool, fun and well put together.

  2. Looks like the arm is all better.

  3. Excellent! Love those bright blue pants against a great autumn backdrop (also quite envious of your autumn foliage).

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