Day 247 – Autumn in the River Valley   3 comments

Here’s another multiple exposure from Sunday afternoon. I never have to ask twice to do a photo with my kids. As soon as I ask, they’re all “pick me! pick me!”. I’m so glad I have such willing models. One of my younger daughter’s friends hates having her picture taken. I’ve managed to sneak up on her and get some good images, but as soon as she spots the camera she gets upset and turns away. I can’t imagine why she’s so reluctant about cameras, but I’m so glad my kids don’t react that way. I don’t know what I’d shoot!


3 responses to “Day 247 – Autumn in the River Valley

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  1. Like this series, Mike. How do you put the multiple exposures together?

    • Thanks Nigel. The main steps are shooting the scene with a tripod to keep the static components static. Second, I open all of the images (in this case seven images) as layers in a single image in Photoshop. I then apply a layer mask (holding the ALT-key to fill it with black) to all but the bottom image. I then select the layer where I want to reveal part of the image, Shift-click on the layer mask to reveal the image and then paint with a white brush over my subject. I then click the layer mask again to show it’s effect and then continue to paint with the white brush to reveal the subject completely. I then fine tune alternating between the black and white brushes. Then I repeat for each layer until I’m done.

      For more detailed explanations, Brandon and David have given a far more robust explanation of the process on their blogs:

  2. it looks like great fun!

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