Day 248 – Flight From the Chief   9 comments

Embarrassing. Accidentally pushed the publish before I was ready to publish – sorry ’bout that folks. My first misfire since I started this blog. Blank tweet removed from Twitter. Blank post removed from FB. This post quickly updated with a rather rushed post. Where exactly is the QA process here?!?

As you can see, I’m still going through images from my trip out west. If this bird looks familiar, that’s because I took this picture just a few seconds before this one.

Just a quick one for me today – I’m single-dad’ing for the next ten days, it’s nearly 10pm and someone needs to finish doing the dishes. Oh the excitement!

BTW – do you like this toning better? Or do you prefer the blue?


9 responses to “Day 248 – Flight From the Chief

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  1. Ooooh, this is a close call between the blue and more coffee tone. I think both evoke different moods, but are equal. I like this one a tad more for the starker contras between tree, closer hill, bird, etc. What this one has that the blue doesn’t is the extra ring near the top left-corner. For me in this one, it can be a slight distraction.

  2. Love this 🙂

  3. I love both but this one edges it for me. I like the warmer tones in this one and I also like the trees.

  4. I love this color. Especially the color of it!

  5. HI Mike, I like this toning a little better than the blue. I think this toning suits this image perfectly. Love the comp and the edges. very nice! Have you ever visited the ‘Out Of The Box Forum’ at

  6. Mike – thanks for subscribing to my blog >>> I’m going to return the compliment because I like your pictures very much. And I see you’re a Silver Efex Pro user so you can’t be all bad! I’ve just started using version 2 and its a significant move up from V1. Also I admire your ‘new style each day’ regime – I’m in touch with a chap in New Zealand who’s doing the same thing. The bad news is that I have to hold down a demanding full time job, and so don’t get as much time for my blog as I’d like. However I’m now on two weeks’ leave and so able to devote more time to it.

    The picture above is extremely beautiful, and I think I prefer the tone in this version. The whole thing – the silhouetted hillsm the trees, the raptor, the tone – is just right – great work! Looking forward to seeing more of your images. FATman

  7. Hi Mike ,nice one,5 seconds back might be great or not,incoming birds seem to hang in the air, this shot is much more animated-who´s making the rules – it´s a great shot! I see your on google+ just joined hope you join my circle or vice versa!

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