Day 250 – Moving at the Speed of Fun   7 comments

I tried to post something yesterday, but nothing was working for me. I tried a few photos, but everything I tried fell flat. After four or five images failed to resolve in my mind I decided I needed to back away from the computer. I think I was too immersed in Friday’s photo. Thanks everyone for all the kind words. It’s so great when you take the time to tell me what you think about one of my images.

I wanted to keep with the idea of motion today, but with a completely different subject and flavour. This is clearly a panning shot where few details are still. This reminds me so much of the beach and everything I love about visiting (or living by) the ocean – the joy, the light, the energy.


7 responses to “Day 250 – Moving at the Speed of Fun

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  1. I like the motion in this image; makes me think of the energy kids have in abundance. Great shot!!

  2. As Steve said, this one really captures the energy that kids have. Great tones, too. Fun!

  3. She’s like the wind!

  4. Fun fun fun

  5. You’ve captured her fun energy and motion very nicely.

  6. All three elements there are good – the girl (great blur), the wet beach and (very much) the sea’s texture. Adrian

  7. love the title!

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