Day 252 – Sunset over the Strait of Georgia   18 comments


Where yesterday’s image was captured on the way into Vancouver, this was the view as I departed Vancouver the next day as the sun set. While the colours have been tuned up a bit through the application of the texture, the actual colours of the sunset weren’t so far off this. I captured this image from the ferry looking away from Vancouver.

A few days ago, I passed on a recommendation for a photo blog I’d found (FATman). I subscribe to a silly number of photography blogs, more than I reasonably have time to keep up with, and yet I continue to keep my eyes peeled for more. When I find a gem, I’ll pass it on. Today’s gem is Andrew McLachlan. He’s a wildlife and landscape photographer in Barrie, Ontario (a fellow Canadian!). I was hooked when I saw this recent collection of autumn landscapes. Follow the link – it’ll be well worth your time.




18 responses to “Day 252 – Sunset over the Strait of Georgia

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  1. The addition of the texture makes this image seem old and romantic, like the dreams we have of being on the ocean seeking adventures. (Well the dreams I have of being on the ocean anyway. Lol!). love the inclusion of the boat in silhouette. Great shot!!

    • Thanks Steve. It evokes the same feelings for me. I don’t know if that little bump on the front of the boat is a person standing there, but I can imagine standing there myself.

  2. Wow Mike, this is really beautiful! What i see is a full size canvas and i mean full size, poster sized on the vertical but in three or four sections,on the horizontal spread over a really long wall, e.g Art Gallery, superb!!!!!

  3. Nice! I like Adrian’s suggestion too!

  4. This is great. Love that glow!

  5. I love this: the colours, composition and texture. Beautiful.

  6. This is an incredible shot – so simple, and yet so powerful.

  7. Excellent picture, Mike. Maybe the colours are a little bit too much but I don’t find this a problem, because this is a beautiful image and that’s what matters >>> as I said re “Rules”, “the end always justifies the means”.

    And thanks for the further mention of my blog! I’ve had a look at Andrew McLachlan’s site and its vibrantly beautiful, but the point that you make about subscribing to too many blogs is really true – how on earth to keep up? Two points come to mind re me – first, I have a full time job (I’m on leave this week) which eats big chunks out of my life, and then two – what if following other blogs eats into the time that we ought to be using to put more posts on our own blogs? I think I’m going to have to be really selective re who I follow. Adrian

    • Hi Adrian, I’m really enjoying your blog and the new perspectives that you offer on mine. I have to say that I experimented with the intensity of the colours in this image and this version appeals to me, but based on your comment and after a further comment below regarding artist J.M.W Turner I’m going to try this image again with a more neutral set of tones.

      With respect to number of blogs, I read everything in Google Reader. That let’s me put blogs in folders (Photo Favourites, Photography, and Photos – If I Have Time) to prioritize my reading. What I really like about the folders is that I can browse blogs from the folder level, just scroll down through all the postings from all the blogs in that folder. When an image catches my eye, I can jump into the blog to comment or Like or just have a closer look.

  8. Love the simplicity and processing for this image. Actually, it looks more like a painting. Beautiful.

    • Thanks Emily. I’m intrigued lately (as perhaps you can tell) by a more painterly aesthetic. The kicker though is that these images are harder to visualize and harder to realize hence the somewhat less than daily posts of late.

  9. Turner painting? Beautiful. I might give this one a border, just for this site, as I originally missed the bottom part of the picture. (The website background colour is so like the photo colour there.) So what are you finding? What sort of shots get the most comments?

    • I’m such an art neophyte, I can’t claim influences, but thanks for the intro. I’m liking Turner! I have to agree about the border. While I was interested in the impact (over the last few posts) of no frame and particularly seeing how the dark colours blended into the blog background, I have to admit that it reduces the impact of the image.

      As for what attracts comments and what doesn’t I have to admit I have no ideas. This post is actually one of my most commented blog posts (if I exclude my replies and excluding the time my blog was Freshly Pressed). I have a core group of commenters that frequently leave a note, but I find that most people who visit my blog don’t leave comments. Whether that’s because they don’t like the image, don’t like to write comments, don’t have the time, or just don’t know what to write, I can’t really say. I’m sure it’s a mix of those reasons.

      I love getting comments and especially feedback (so thanks for the border feedback!) because it lets me know what people think. If I knew how to drive more commentary and discussion here, I’d do it.

  10. Your photos have a very interesting texture to them…

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