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This is a pretty old image. I can’t actually say when I captured it, but I can tell you that I was shooting with film and it was during an early morning rain on Salt Spring Island. Yes, Salt Spring Island again. You’d think I lived there given how often I feature images from the island.

You may have noted that I’ve been posting images from the archives lately. I’m enjoying going through my catalogue to see how I can breath new life into old (and not so old) images with everything I’ve learned over the past six to eight months.

If any of these techniques are of any interest to you whatsoever, you should pop on over to a new blog called Digital Darkroom Techniques. This is a collaborative blog for a community of post-processors that want to share their secrets and build up their toolkit. This is a brand new blog so there’s only one post up at the moment, but we’re hoping it’ll grow and become a great meeting place for WordPress photo bloggers that want to learn more about post-processing of their digital images. Other than myself, the current list of bloggers signed up to contribute include Brandon Brasseaux of When This Becomes There, David Williams of Photographs by David, and Emily Gooch of Emily’s Photography Blog.

We’re keen for folks to join up and share. If you’re frequently found hunkered down in your digital darkroom and you want to share the secret steps in your process then express your interest in a comment on the Digital Darkroom Techniques About page. A couple of admin steps will need to happen, then you’ll be all set to contribute an article of your own. Look forward to seeing you there.


15 responses to “Day 253 – Digital Darkroom Techniques

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  1. Very nice Mike, i´ve been over to Digital Darkroom Techniques last night via Brandon, cool! Just a suggestion if i may,perhaps not give so much away, looks too much like your own blog,nice to make something new,if people want to know, they can comment! just a suggestion! I´ll be adding this to my blogroll-good luck! Adrian

    • But the whole point of Digital Darkroom Techniques is to give it all away. It’s not so much a photo blog as a post-processing blog. It’s just going to be the secrets behind post-processing. I’ve actually never explained my post on this blog beyond a couple of brief notes. DDT will be detailed explanations that people can use to develop their own techniques. I hope it looks nothing like this blog – different theme, different colours, different tabs, different content, and most importantly different contributors! Maybe you’d like to drop by and share a few of your own tricks…

      • Yeah mike i was getting a bit confused there swapping between your two blogs, it is completely different, i´d thought that Digital Darkroom Techniques was another page on this blog! Bang goes the concentration at 01:30 A.M! i only had a very quick look last night but i´ve taken a longer look today and read the about page, so it all comes clear to me now. Looks like you´ve put a lot of work into your first post and I suspect you´ll be having some late nights yourself too! Your first post was very helpful to me because i´m interested in Focus Stacking and there seem to be some similarities in the methods there. I´m not having much success in photoshop and don´t want to purchase specialist software to do it. I would like to be able to spread the products about but keep all the detail in each piece which is important, So perhaps that´s an idea for a future post for your community!

  2. A wonderful image! It has the feel of a rainy day with the texture; the horse seems to be contemplating where it should go for shelter. Love it!

  3. Dreamy photograph, Mike. The wide ratio really works. Are you making your own textures or pulling from web sources?

  4. great photo, I love the post processing — off to check out the new blog, as I have been playing with more post processing occassionally, while I find it rewarding I also find it time consuming…………….I guess anything worth doing well can be.

  5. This is super!! I really like the texture you added. It gives it a vintage look and come to think of it…it looks like it was printed on denim. Way cool!!

  6. Beautiful picture, Mike, but, as I was saying, I’m just not sure I’ve got the free time to do this new website justice. Thanks for the info though. Adrian

  7. Beautiful Mike! Love the processing. I hope to make a post to DDS (digital darkroom secrets) soon. I’m trying to figure out how to do print screen.

  8. Beautiful photo of the horse! Awesome work.

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