Day 254 – To Comment Or Not To Comment   10 comments

I received a question a couple of days ago asking which photos tend to generate the most comments. I could look at the stats and check exactly which posts have generated the most comments, but I don’t think I’d find a common thread. From my blog reading experience over the past nine months, I know that my blog garners more comments than some and a whole lot less than others. One blog I follow consistently has more than 100 comments (excluding author replies) on almost every single post! For me, 10 reader comments is a very busy day.

I comment when a picture or the story that goes with it says something to me. I’m also more likely to jump in with a comment when I find an image that stands out from the crowd. When I do comment on a photo, I keep my comments positive, focussing on what I like about an image. I steer clear of constructive feedback unless I know the blogger doesn’t mind.

I tend to avoid leaving comments on blogs that are outside my comfort zone (e.g., fashion or food photographers) or on blogs that I basically consider to be out of my league.

One thing I believe to be true is that most bloggers want to engage at least to some degree with their readers (and fellow bloggers) so I think most really appreciate when someone takes the time to share their thoughts on an image or a post. Personally, I love it when readers decompose one of my images and tell me what works and doesn’t work and suggest what they would have done differently. If you see something that you don’t like, let me know, but don’t just tell me you don’t like it, make sure you tell me what you’d change.

I wish I knew what factors led readers to comment or to just have a look and keep moving on past. What makes you stop and comment? If you’ve read this far, leave a quick note and tell me what you makes you stop and leave a comment.


10 responses to “Day 254 – To Comment Or Not To Comment

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  1. I have a pencil art print I picked up in Colombia years ago of the city of Cartagena. It’s about 100 years old, and it’s uncanny how much your photo above is on par with the tones and texture. Just a great warm tone.

    As for comments, I don’t think I have a clear method. I comment as much as a I can, but lately, I am trying to keep up with WAY too many photo blogs. So what I’ve done is tweaked my notices to get an email the instant someone posts a new post. Then for other blogs I like, but as you mentioned, are out of my league, I sign weekly updates, etc. When I comment about a photo, I too like to point out what I liked most about it. I feel this is good for the poster as it can build a running record of what people have liked about a photograph, and eventually it may reveal patterns they can embrace or refine.

  2. I consistently like your images, and don’t always comment, since the most appropriate comment is usually that I like it! It doesn’t get more analytical than that.

  3. Beautiful picture, Mike, I really like these toned and textured images you’re doing. Adrian

  4. I never know which posts are going to generate the most comments – I have noticed my Australia ones tend to get comments, which I presume is purely an ‘exocticism’ effect for most people. Apart from that, and that my comments have definitely increased proportionally to my subscriber list, I can’t pin anything down. There are far to many variables! Topic (and quality), day of the week, posting rate, any significant holidays… it’s a mystery. I will say that I’ve seen more people using ‘likes’ rather than comments recently.

  5. This image has an ethereal feel to it; the boats are modern yet it has the feel of an old picture from the early days of sea travel. Great image!

    I comment on most of the blogs I like; it’s rare that something doesn’t strike me. However I do keep the list manageable, so I can take the time to read and comment. Only positive comments, what I like or how the image makes me feel, and also if the text works for me.

    My posts get some regular commenters, some random ones. The most seem to come when the post text works well with the image, although I can’t say which one makes the most impression.

    Cheers on a great blog!

  6. Like you, I will comment on images that moves me in someway. And I also comment on regular blogs I follow. I usually will comment on what I like about the image. The posts that generated the most comments, I noticed are; florals, landscape, nature stuff and my furry kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I really like your new processing technique and the mood it creates. It’s nice to see a photo become something different and unique. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Absolutely beautiful.

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  9. I like the vintage look you applied to this image. Well done indeed!!

  10. To be honest, I am like you most times and comment when an image strikes me somehow. Be it the composition, PoV, complexity…doesn’t matter what it is. I generally don’t post “I dislike this…or that” statements simply because I don’t feel like I am “in the know” most of the times. I know, silly, but that’s how it is with me (I need to perhaps get more confidence in my work).

    Having said all that, I love the choice of your texture! The one thing that distracts me would be the horizon being too close to the centre of the image however, I think the mountains/hills help offset it. ๐Ÿ˜€

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