Day 255 – A World Apart   13 comments

Busselton, Western Australia

Today’s image is quite similar to my previous post, but the images are separated by half the planet and a few years. It would seem there is something about boats reflecting in the ocean at sunset that catches my eye. The previous shot was on Canada’s west coast. Today’s image is on Australia’s west coast in the town of Busselton, a few hours drive south of Perth. This view is to the southwest. The line of land along the horizon is Cape Naturaliste.

This is a 4 second exposure which explains the movement in the mast on the left hand boat. The long exposure smoothed out the already fairly calm waters. At this stage, I was travelling without a tripod, so I believe I balanced the camera on a cement railing post and used the timer to avoid touching the camera.

I took this image on December 26, 2007 and it was hot. Really hot. The area around Perth had just experienced its three hottest days around Christmas. For three days in a row it was 45C to 46C (~115F). Hot enough to go in search of shelter in the middle of the day, but just fantastic for mornings and evenings at the beach.

That heat is another way this post is a world apart as we slide into winter here in central Alberta. Friday is supposed to be our first day where the high isn’t going to reach 0C. On the bright side, there’s still no snow yet.


13 responses to “Day 255 – A World Apart

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  1. Hi,
    The effect is beautiful. Did you do multiple exposures?
    Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks! No multiple exposures, but several techniques including curve adjustment layers to adjust the lighting selectively in a few spots, four texture layers blended to achieve the final look, and hue/saturation adjustment layers to touch up the colours.

  2. I love the way the sun catches the windows on the boat. Beautiful and peaceful image.

  3. I really liked the last, from Canada, but I like this one better. I think maybe because the boats are more prominent here. The sun glinting on the cabin window on the boat to the right is an extraordinary detail. This series of textured work really rub against the genre boundaries of painting and photography in terms of the end result. Excellent!

  4. Gorgeous, Mike

  5. There’s a lovely nostaligic feeling in this picture…

  6. Wow. Amazing photo! I reminds me of an oil or pastel painting.

  7. Love the combination of a great water shot and the texture overlay. These water images are quite relaxing and dream-like. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Really does remind me of a painting…really lovely.

  9. Beautiful exposure, composition & post work.

  10. Beautiful, Mike, very painterly. Adrian

  11. Where did you go without notice for a week? Can I expect some stunning pics? 🙂
    I have been seeing your pics everyday since a very long time. So, your sudden absence is making me wonder. I have been here since last winter i guess. I still remember a picture of red fruit covered in snow which was one of ur first posts. It was my desktop background for quiet some time. Did you stop clicking macro shots? Your macro shots are the ones which last in mind for a longer period for me. If you ever want a fan mail let me know, I can write anytime! 😉

    Good work and keep clicking!

  12. A lovely piece of art. There is no more to say.

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