Day 256 – I’m Sure I Left My Blog Around Here Somewhere…   4 comments

Sorry folks, I seem to have misplaced my blog for a few days. Okay, perhaps it wasn’t the blog that I misplaced, but rather a desire to post. Truth is that sometimes life gets in the way – things like birthdays and my wife returning from two weeks away and home projects and helping kids with school. So, the blog has suffered a bit of neglect. Thankfully, this morning, I received a gentle reminder from a loyal reader that I had disappeared for a week. Honestly, I didn’t realize it had been so long. So, I’m back.

This image is from South Australia, up where it bumps up against the north-western edge of the state of Victoria. This is what it looks like from the side of the road just after you get through the border crossing. There’s a state border crossing up there to stop you from bringing prohibited fruit and veg from one state to the next.

The application of textures to this image have slightly enhanced the colours, but not by as much as you might think. As you can see, there’s not much out there. A couple of trees and a whole lot of rusty orange soil.


4 responses to “Day 256 – I’m Sure I Left My Blog Around Here Somewhere…

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  1. That’s some orange dirt! I thought at first it was a field of some kind of grain. I like landscapes that feature a lone tree although there may be a tad too many out there. But the placement of the 2nd and distance between in this one is brilliant. The trees become part of the peripheral with the wide ratio. Not too mention the colors are in perfect compliment. Nice job!

  2. beautiful use of texture. love the colors.

  3. Wow, fantastic image! Love the opposing colours of the sky and land. Cheers!

  4. Wonderful colors, composition and texture treatment.

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