Day 257 – Where’s the Snow?   5 comments

I don’t understand where the snow is this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s just that by this time last year it had already snowed a couple of times. If it’s going to be really cold out, you may as well have snow to make it look good too.

Of course, if there had been snow, I’d be in trouble because I haven’t picked up our leaves yet to the great pleasure of our six-year old. We raked the yard on Sunday (it was -3C) and she did some jumping!


5 responses to “Day 257 – Where’s the Snow?

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  1. Great one. I like the little skip before she dives in. Superb action capture.

  2. Cool shot! Love the sequence and the look on her face!

  3. Great multiple exposure

  4. This is super!!!

  5. Love your multiple exposure shots.As a Canadian, I know snow is inevitable, …….. but at times, it is very much a four letter word.

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