Day 260 – Gettin’ Up in Your Face   5 comments

Just a silly little portrait today. My favourite type of portrait photography is child photography. Even at weddings, I enjoy shooting the kids most of all. Perhaps that’s who I relate to best…

I’m posting a portrait today as a cheap segue to talking about CreativeLive. I’ve mentioned them here before, but wanted to share again because they’re such great value if you can find the time. They run multi-day, live-streaming, HD webcast photography workshops. I watch every single one that I can get to. This weekend, they’re featuring Matthew Jordan Smith, a famous fashion and beauty photographer. He’s doing a three-day class on fashion and beauty photography. While that’s not my cup of tea, most of what he’s covering is entirely applicable to portrait photography.

I watched part of the workshop today and he’s a great instructor – really drives his messages home. The course runs live and then again in the evening as a re-watch. For all my fellow photo-bloggers, there’s even a course for WordPress photographers in two weeks!


5 responses to “Day 260 – Gettin’ Up in Your Face

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  1. I like that, Mike, that’s very nice! Adrian

  2. How funny, I was watching CreativeLive yesterday (and yes, he is a great instructor) and posted a portrait of my son today (great minds must think alike)! Love the attitude.

  3. What a nice little model you have Mike. Very nice capture of the playful moment. She is adorable. Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  4. Great expression, great disheveled hair. It seems that at that age, it is their favorite pose. Definitely will check out Creative Live! Thanks for the tip.

  5. Love those candid kid shots!! They are so natural, and never seem worried that they won’t ‘look good for the camera’ like us adults do. Nice work. Cheers!

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