Day 263 – Gettin’ Her Gangsta On!   15 comments

Another silly kid portrait. This is a four-year old (the picture is a couple of years old) trying to look tough. What do you think? Is she pulling it off?


15 responses to “Day 263 – Gettin’ Her Gangsta On!

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  1. She certainly is Mike, the spectacles had me laughing out loud, i don´t know about you but the little one´s just make me want to be a kid again, they know how to enjoy life!

  2. That’s attitude!! Great shot; she’ll love it even more when she gets older. Cheers!

  3. The pose is great, and the wide angle lens really works here.

  4. She pulls of cute really well! Love the pose as well as the PP, great image Mike.

  5. LOL! Funny image, Mike. All she needed was a gold and diamond grill! 🙂

  6. Great candid and love the beads used for ‘bling.” I think she nailed it!

  7. Just to say Mike, beautiful Pano header so crisp and clear!

  8. Tough kid! I would not go toe to toe with them!! Great shot, silly but perfect.

  9. I’m in love with this picture … 🙂

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