Day 264 – Jazz Hands!   9 comments

Look! It’s another silly glasses portrait!

The great thing about child photography is they need so few props to get them motivated.


9 responses to “Day 264 – Jazz Hands!

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  1. I do like your silly glasses portraits ­čÖé

  2. Ha yeah, big hands and spectacles…cool! i likke this lookin┬┤right at ya!

  3. Glad to see ya back Mike, got an idea for DDT,don┬┤t know if it will work we┬┤ll have to see!

  4. This has been a great series!! Love this shot!

  5. I’ve really enjoyed these. Your girls really ham it up on these! I should probably work on getting more goofy shots of my kids as I’m sure they will be more compliant.

  6. This is super as are the rest of the series!!!

  7. I like these silly glasses portrait series. Made me laugh. They would make great humorous greeting cards.

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