Day 267 – Un-climatized   18 comments

This picture shows the kind of weather that I prefer. Warm. In fact, very warm. Mid to high 30s celsius (95-100F). I don’t even mind so much when it touches into the low 40s (104F+). Never really thought I was a  hot weather guy, but over the past 15 months in Central Alberta I’ve learned that I’m apparently not a cold weather guy. That’s a shame considering winter manages to run nearly six months around here. Albertans must be hearty folk!

I’m still working on my winter tolerance. I’m sure it’s going to kick in any day now! I should be better at this whole mind-numbingly-cold-weather thing. I grew up in Northern Ontario where -20c was a pretty regular occurrence in the winter months. I should be bred for winter. Perhaps I was, but I spoiled it by gradually migrating to warmer and warmer climates. I’m now much more a man of the tropics or at the very least, the near-tropics.

Since the tropics are far, far away, I’m trying to look on the bright side. It shouldn’t be long before we have enough snow that we can head out to the slopes for some downhill skiing!




18 responses to “Day 267 – Un-climatized

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  3. I love the sky, the lines of colour, very nice! And I agree with you about warm weather. I grew up in Scotland (aside from one year in sub-tropical Australia) and so, like you, ought to be able to tough it out in cold weather, but sadly I’ve never adapted. I think it’s down to my Mediterranean blood (from my Greek side).

    • Thanks! Australia had a big hand in ruining my cold tolerance – I live in Melbourne for nearly seven years. Much more tolerable winters that never dip below 0C. I have Greek in my heritage too … maybe I can blame my Mediterranean blood too!

  4. beautiful photo, i think the skiing in banff has started, and you will find some great photo opportunities during the winter!

    • I didn’t realize it was already getting started in Banff, but I shouldn’t be surprised. We’re definitely hoping to get in some skiing at either Marmot or Sunshine this year.

  5. Stunning! I love the bands of colour in the sky! The rooftops seem to point the way to the stellar show happening above. Great capture!!

  6. I agree with Steve. This image so much like the Med sky over the sea.Living in Spain is great but sometimes the snow is nice too, like in northern europe in winter.In the summer we long for the winter,in the winter we long for the summer!

    • I’m thinking the weather is pretty nice in Spain. I’ve never made it there for a visit, but hope to one day. I must introduce the kids to Europe.

  7. Mike, Did you do any processing to get those sky colors or is that a fairly accurate representation of what you were seeing with your eye? Great shot!

    • Thanks Russ! Welcome to the blog. Not sure I should reveal my secrets about this photo. If you learned it was processed, would you like it less? But yes, it has been processed. I almost never leave a photo entirely untouched. I added a graduated neutral density filter to stop down the sky because I preferred it darker than lighter. That had the additional effect of somewhat saturating the colours. I also added a tonal curve to darken the image, which also saturated the colours a bit further. I may have added some further saturation as well. Due to the wide angle of the lens, there was curvature in the pier that looked pretty odd so I corrected it with a lens profile that corrects for the distortion. There were also some swimmers in the water under the buildings which I found a bit distracting so I cloned them away. So, it’s not a terribly accurate representation of what I saw with my eye, but it’s a very accurate representation of my memory of the scene and how it made me feel.

  8. Great work

  9. Warm, serene image, Mike. Standout detail for me are the lit windows of the one house. After our brutal summer this year, and being older, my friend and I were having the same discussion about cold vs. heat. We were on a string of mid 40s C days and I was talking tough that I would take winter over this heat any day. It doesn’t get Alberta cold here (thank god), because its been hitting a touch above freezing here with wind and I’m missing the heat already.

  10. Love this shot. I read your comment on the post-processing above, and just want to say that your words ‘it’s not a terribly accurate representation of what I saw with my eye, but it’s a very accurate representation of my memory of the scene and how it made me feel’ are exactly what I aim for when processing my own photos. I’m not interested in recreating what was there, but in how it felt to me while I was experiencing it.

  11. just awesomeee!!!!

  12. Good luck on tolerating the cold in Alberta. I grew up in New York but never liked the cold, so for the past I’ve lived in Texas, where we have what many people would call six months of summer. That suits me just fine, and it has let me do native plant photography for most of the year.

    Steve Schwartzman

  13. I love the composition here, so minimal and understated, yet has a lot of impact.

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