Day 272 – Roos in the Paddock   6 comments

Drive by a field on the west coast of Canada, you’re likely to spot some deer hanging out, having a bit of a munch on the grass. Drive by a field on the west coast of Australia and this is more likely what you’ll see.


6 responses to “Day 272 – Roos in the Paddock

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  1. Wow you really are missing the heat and Aussiness! Love the snow!

  2. Hi Mike, Been in Australia for three years and it still makes me smile from ear to ear when I cycle past a field of bouncing Roos. Are your pics all rights reserved?

  3. Nice photo! As Canadians we tend to overlook the deer in the fields since they’re so commonplace; I imagine the Australians do the same with the ‘roos. And if we were to exchange places I’m sure we’d be amazed by the ‘roos and they’d be captivated by the deer. Interesting what we get used to. Cheers!!

  4. Great to see them in a natural environment. Aussie has such wonderful animals.

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