Day 273 – Fishing at Buffalo Beach   6 comments

I’m 90% sure this image is Buffalo Beach in Western Australia. The sand is gorgeous. The beach just goes and goes. And, it’s a hot spot for folks looking to catch their dinner from the Indian Ocean. Flathead and salmon are two local varieties that might turn up on the end of someone’s line. Just watching these people fish, I didn’t quite get how it worked. Fishing into crashing waves seems like it wouldn’t really work. I would expect my line to keep getting tossed back at me, especially looking at how far back these guys are standing from the water.

There’s good reason to stand back though. You can see how high the waves come up by looking just in front of the gent in the foreground. He’s just beyond the reach of the high waves.

If you’re like us and you turn up to Buffalo Beach without fishing gear and you’re thinking this surf looks a little rough for your 3-year-old (as she was at the time) the next best activity is chasing waves down to the water and then running and screaming up the beach trying to avoid getting caught by the next big one coming in. When you successfully reach the dry sand untouched by the big wave, you look at each other gravely and say “that was a Big One” while thinking to yourselves that you’re glad we didn’t lose anyone that time. Then, you do it all over again.



6 responses to “Day 273 – Fishing at Buffalo Beach

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  1. In an English winter, the blue sky and golden sand is a sight for sore eyes. A beautiful beach.

    I have tried it but I don’t have the patience for fishing. It’s undeniable though, that fisherman can make good photo subjects.

  2. Oh, I really liked this image. The sun, the water, the composition. And then I read your words and I love them. The game to play about escaping the waves with your life, and then doing it again. What great imagery. Just takes me to a different place, which is just wonderful. Thank you!

  3. What a nice image to view and brighten a dark, gloomy rainy day…especially an image of surf fishermen (surf fishing is one of my favorite pastimes)!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. So much depth in this shot with lots of detail to keep the eye roaming around. Beautiful beach, reminds me of one that I used to camp on in Oman.

  5. Excellent image, and a great one to show in the Canadian winter. Makes me wish I was there right now. There’s something about people fishing that makes for great photos, and you’ve done this one well! Cheers!

  6. I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

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