Day 274 – Pinnacles Desert in WA   12 comments

An easy two-hour drive north from Perth, Western Australia are the eye-catching limestone formations of the Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park.

The park is near the small (pop: ~500) fishing town of Cervantes. The town is small by any standard with one general store and only a couple of hotels to serve the Pinnacles-bound tourists. While there are some beaches in the area, we found that they were purely working beaches that were well-travelled and well-packed by 4x4s. Walking across the beach at Cervantes was like walking on the main street with well-worn paths used by local fishermen. We saw some rays swimming in the shallows right along the shoreline before making a hasty retreat.

The Pinnacles, best seen at sunrise and sunset, was definitely worth the drive and the overnight in Cervantes. There are lots of opportunities for photography either of the limestone peaks or of the local wildlife. My research tells me there are lots of emus and kangaroos in the park. While we didn’t encounter any of these, we did see a few galahs (aka rose-breasted cockatoos) keeping an eye on us and our guide swore he saw a legless lizard, but none of us could see what he was so excited about.


12 responses to “Day 274 – Pinnacles Desert in WA

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  1. What a breathtaking view! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow mike. excellent work. I enjoyed wandering thru your galleries. Did I already write “excellent”?

  3. Incredible colours in this shot Mike — and a wonderfully dramatic sky. Excellent!

  4. Tremendous, Mike!! This image is full of vibrant colour, and the contrast between the sand/rocks and the sky is fantastic! Great shot!!

  5. Nice sky, Mike. Is this where you began to develop your current style that I love so much? Let us know how Handmade Mafia went.

  6. Hi Mike, was the sky like that or did you capture it with a special technique? Sorry to be naive, I’m still in the point and shoot world. I’ve just written a post on the pinnacles too!! Although my shots are just with my humble cannon ixus.

    • Hi Tracey, the sky was mostly like that. No special technique in the shooting. I used a graduated ND filter in post-processing to balance the light on the ground with the light in the sky. That is, I darkened the sky some and lightened the ground.

  7. Wow pretty amazing Mike!!!

  8. Great landscape shots 🙂 Great details

  9. Amazing photo!!!

  10. Wow – the clouds are so dramatic!

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