Day 276 – Sunset at Mt Conner   8 comments

Yesterday, I mentioned the other big rock at the Red Centre. This is it. It’s Mt. Conner and it can be found east of Uluru on the rather large Curtin Springs cattle station. I say it’s rather large because it covers 416,400 hectares. That’s over one million acres!

This photo has not been retouched. This is what it looks like at sunset.

This was the view from our 4×4 as we sipped champagne and watch the sun drop to the horizon. Let me tell you, this far away from civilization, when the sun goes down, it gets very, very dark. Once it got dark, the six of us on the tour piled back into the truck and we set out following our headlights back to the resort.

It was all going just fine as we moved from bouncing over rocks and dropping into pot holes to smoothly gliding across soft sand. At least it was going fine right up until we blew a tire. Did I mention we were in the middle of nowhere? No other traffic. No buildings anywhere in sight. No lights other than the headlights and the torch (flash light) in the glove box.

Not a problem though. We were prepared. Our guide knew what she was doing. We knew how to change the a tire. Not that I’ve ever changed a tire before, but I’ve seen it done plenty of times… on TV. Just need to swap out the flat with the spare. Our guide had never driven this type of 4×4 before and the tire is tucked up underneath the back of the truck. She didn’t know how to get the spare out. No problem, that’s what user manuals are for. Got out the crank, attached it to the mechanism holding the spare and started cranking. After a few well-placed kicks, we eventually got the spare out. Progress!

Next step, jack up the truck and get the flat off. Getting a jack to stand firm in soft, deep sand is a bit tricky, but we managed. We’re getting the lug nuts off the flat, but some of them are pretty tight and we’re pulling so hard we pull the truck back and off the jack. Okay, that was a bit dangerous; don’t want a truck falling on you out here. Back up on the jack and get the tire off. Putting on the new one was pretty straightforward as was storing the flat back up under the truck.

We didn’t even have to pay extra for the extra adventure. Plus I learned a valuable driving tip when you’re driving at night in the Northern Territory. Drive in the middle of the road. Gives you more time to react and avoid the roos jumping across the road. If another car comes toward you, they’re usually so far away there’s plenty of time to move back into your own lane.

Just remember to drive on the left.


8 responses to “Day 276 – Sunset at Mt Conner

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  1. As I was reading the story, I’m thinking “this is how horror movies start.” 🙂 What a beautiful place!

  2. Awesome photo! Love the colours created here by the rock and the late light. And a good piece of writing to go with it! Cheers!

  3. Absolutely stunning landscape you have here!

  4. I’ve been browsing through your websight and blog. You’re a terrific photographer.

  5. This one is mind blowing !!

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