Day 278 – Frozen Lake? I Don’t Think So   8 comments

Salt Lake, Northern Territory

While at this time of year, it would seem reasonable that the picture above is that of a frozen lake, but the wide brim hats and the short sleeves seem to suggest otherwise. This is, in fact, a salt lake and the ice is actually a thick crust of ice that has formed on the surface. Our guide happily took us out for a walk on the lake. Hailing from Northern Ontario and knowing all about the dangers of thin ice, I should have wondered more about how safe it was to walk on the salt crust and yet, it never occurred to me to ask how thick it was.

Walking on the surface of this salt lake, you’d be easily forgiven for thinking that you’re walking on ice, except, of course, this is the Northern Territory and while the nights are chilly, there is no chance of ice forming.

Squatting on the ice is my family as they chat with our guide about a branch that has become entirely covered with salt.


8 responses to “Day 278 – Frozen Lake? I Don’t Think So

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  1. I have never heard/seen this. What a cool place. So at some point below there is water?

    • I’m thinking there must be water just under the surface – otherwise why would it be so flat? Plus, I read about Lake Anaheim – a salt lake system to the north west of this image – and it has a crust of salt, so I’m kind of just assuming.

  2. Beautiful shot! I like the composition… the sky only composes about a third of the photo. Very interesting!

  3. Very stunning photo! I wish I lived in Australia!

  4. Hey Mike, I thought it was Lake Eyre at first. Hoping to get there while it’s still got water. We may not see it like that for another 10 years. Where is this in NT?

    • Hi Tracey, this is on Curtin Springs cattle station, about 85km east of Uluru. Good luck getting to Lake Eyre, I’d love to see it with water and all the wildlife it attracts.

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