Third Time Lucky   12 comments

Seven Sisters, Indian Canyon, Palm Springs

I’m back in Indian Canyons for today’s post. There are three broad areas where you can hike in the canyons – Andreas Canyon, Palm Canyons and Murray Canyon. At the end of the Murray Canyon is a waterfall called the Seven Sisters. Being a sucker for waterfalls, I wanted to give this hike a try. It’s a 7.4km hike round trip. We’d started out on this hike three years ago on a previous trip, but one of our group fell and hit her head leading to a very exciting rescue by the fire department. Needless to say, we didn’t carry on with the hike that day.

For my second attempt at this hike, I set out about two hours before the park closed. Unfortunately, I dawdled too much taking pictures on my way out. With just 45 minutes left before the park closed and the hike not yet half done, I wasn’t at the falls yet and so turned back.

For my third attempt, I brought my 11-year old along. We left in the morning to make sure we had plenty of time. It’s a fun hike that follows a small stream with the path zig zagging back and forth across the water the whole way. At the end of the hike, we found the scene above.


12 responses to “Third Time Lucky

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  1. Excellent capture, Mike. So crisp. I wonder what snapped the top off that one palm!

  2. Ahhhhhh

  3. Beautiful photo, Mike. I didn’t realize that you got all the way to the waterfall when you down here with us. I really liked yesterday’s post as well. It is now on my desktop.

  4. Breath-taking!! I too love waterfalls; this one is fantastic! Cheers!

    • Honestly, with a name like the Seven Sisters, I was expecting something a bit more grand. I suspect it was a series of drops that go off into the canyon. The path ends at the final drop though and we didn’t go off-roading.

  5. Wonderful shot. This could just as easily be a scene from the wadis in Oman.

  6. Did you use the same settings technique you described for having some sun in the picture?

  7. Fantastic shot, Mike.

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