More Than Just Joshua Trees   12 comments

Joshua Tree National Park

The 789,745 acres of Joshua Tree National Park overlap into two deserts, the Mojave and the Colorado. The Colorado covers the lower elevations to the east with the upper elevations in the Mojave Desert. The park is an easy one-hour drive from Palm Springs. It costs $15/car and that gets you a seven-day pass. With a seven-day pass, you can’t go just once. I managed to drag my family up twice!


12 responses to “More Than Just Joshua Trees

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  1. The clouds with the gaggle of a tree are beautiful.

  2. I drove through the Mojave desert once, and can’t wait for a chance to go back and spend some quality time there with my camera. $15 for a seven day pass is pretty amazing value!

    • It sure is a good price, especially when compared to Indian Canyons (near Palm Springs). They charge per person and the pass is only good for one day. We probably spent $80-100 on admissions to the Indian Canyons while we were there, but just the $15 for Joshua Tree.

  3. You had to drag them? I hope not really! I think that if I ever got the chance to visit, my family would have to drag me–to get me away from it again! I hope you’re planning on posting more photos from your time there.

    • I didn’t really need to drag them – I really only had to drag along our 6-year old. She was not keen to go a second time, but once out of the car, she had a great time!

  4. Beautiful shot! Great composition of the tree and clouds. When I lived in Southern California, I used to explore the deserts almost every weekend. It was the middle of summer when I was close enough to visit the Mojave but knew it wouldn’t have been a very smart thing to do. So, I didn’t go. Though, I would love to go there one of these winter days.

    • One of the park rangers in the Indian Canyons (right next to Palm Springs) told me it goes over 120F in the summer. I completely agree that a walk in the desert in the summer months sounds like a bad idea.

  5. Great shot Mike! This series has been excellent! Cheers!

  6. I went hiking in Joshua once years ago…these photos remind me how much I loved it, and need to go back. Thanks for sharing.

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