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Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree National Park

Ok, so obviously this isn’t the picture I missed. It’s hard to miss pictures of rock climbers in the park. Climbers are everywhere. These crazy rock formations pop up all over the landscape and there seem to be climbers and almost all of them.

The picture I missed was of the tight-rope walker. A group of people had stretched a rope between two of these rock formations and as we were driving past, one brave soul was walking across this rope. The sun was behind him so he was silhouetted. It was a stunning sight – big dark rocks, a rope, and a lone tight-rope walker silhouetted against a brilliant blue sky. In the right position, I’m sure I could have captured the sun peaking through.

The problem was that I didn’t have a telephoto with me and he was too far away for the lenses I had. Best I could do was a 100mm and the person was too small by far. I didn’t want to lug my big lens with me on this trip so I left it at home. I wouldn’t have used it on any other occasion, but it would have been worth all the hassle just to get that shot.


8 responses to “The Picture I Missed

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  1. Ha! I just posted something about missing out on something like two minutes ago and then I noticed your post in my Google reads. I’ll say though that the above is a nice consolation though for missing the walker. I really like how you framed this, with the rock forming the diagonal, and then the pop of pink from the climber.

  2. Isn’t that the way it goes, Mike? It’s always the gear you DON’T have that you wish you did. This shot is great though! Cheers!

  3. Great shot but why do people want to do this. I feel queezy just looking at it.

    • I used to do rock climbing in high school. The hardest part of me was stepping off a perfectly good cliff to rappel down to the bottom. The way we started was you turned your back to the drop and step back right to the edge. You have a rope that is taut at this moment. You then take a small step back so the balls of your feet are on the cliff edge but your heels are hanging off. You then, with the greatest trust in your rope, your equipment, and your belayer lean back off the cliff until you are horizontal to the ground. After that you just walk backwards down the cliff. The scene above, by contrast is actually not so bad. I was standing on the ground and the woman in red wasn’t so far up. I think they were running an intro climbing class.

  4. So cool! Great job!

  5. Too bad you missed the tightrope! But this shot looks great too! I like the simple composition.

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