Portrait of a Tree   8 comments

Joshua Tree

I was reading a wise post over at FATman Photos today about photographing landscapes and how maybe, just maybe, we didn’t always need to shoot our landscapes tack sharp from front to back. Luckily, I had prepared this image, from Joshua Tree National Park, earlier.


8 responses to “Portrait of a Tree

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  1. Hi Mike great picture I love the warm tone – thanks

    You might enjoy http://andybeelfrps.wordpress.com for landscapes with very limitted DoF.


  2. I like everything about this one, Mike. And the title is spot on as I believe that’s what kind of art is at hand in this kind of landscape photography–something between portrait & sprawling landscape.

  3. Great shot Mike! Love the sepia treatment (or however you achieved these tones), and the one tree being in focus makes for such an interesting image. Nice work!

  4. Stunning. Love the tones and excelklent composition. A favourite.

  5. Beautiful! Love the composition!

  6. Nice photo, Mike! Adrian

  7. Really great shot this, man. Love the vintage feel of it, it kinda reminds me of a spaghetti western…Great stuff.

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