Winter Has Arrived, But The Blog Is Still In Palm Springs   8 comments

Indian Canyons, Palm Springs, California

Winter has finally arrived in Edmonton. We’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm weather up until this past Sunday when temperatures began a very steep decline. Less than 10 days ago, it was 10C and we barely had any snow. We have a bit more snow now, but the mercury has dropped 40C to -30C. As I type, there is an extreme wind chill warning in effect that says the temperature (with wind chill) may drop past -50C tonight!

Despite this chilly news, I was actually out shooting yesterday. Now that we finally have a bit of snow, I’m ready for some winter photography even at -30C. Other than my cold extremities, the main challenge for cold weather shooting is my camera batteries. They don’t last long when exposed to these kinds of temperatures. I’ve learned to keep one or two spare batteries in an inside pocket to stay warm. When the camera in the battery gets too cold to function, I swap it for a warm one and tuck the cold one away. With this approach, my batteries will last longer than I will.

While I build up a few winter images, I’m not quite done with the shots from Palm Springs. Here’s one of an abandoned structure in Indian Canyons.


8 responses to “Winter Has Arrived, But The Blog Is Still In Palm Springs

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  1. This is really intense, looking forward to more pictures! šŸ™‚

  2. Wonderful composition and very inviting! Is the place available to rent for a few days? A few weeks? Could be a good place to get caught up on some much-needed meditation.

  3. Great find, Mike. This must be one of those newfangled all natural tanning booths. This is composed masterfully.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your winter images. I live in warm climes and rarely get the chance to try shooting in unfriendly weather.

  5. Ahhh, -50C…I SO don’t miss that! Love the composition here Mike, great job! I wonder what on earth that little…structure was used for!

    • It just looks like storage, but I’m suspicious of a previous role. It has a door on each side and a wall dividing the building into two small chambers. Outhouse anyone?

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