In The Bleak Mid Winter   18 comments

My daily posts are starting to look about as ‘daily’ as ‘The Daily Show’. This weekend though, I had a good excuse. My hard drive with my photo library finally gave it up after a slow, lingering death. Thankfully, the drive was under warranty and backed up. After replacing it on Saturday and reformatting the new one Saturday evening, I restored the contents overnight and I’m back up and running.

It’s time for me to welcome winter to the blog. I made the photo above in William Hawrelak Park, here in Edmonton. It was approaching sunset, which for us is about 4:00pm right now.It was somewhere south of -30C at the time so I didn’t stay out long.   With the weather all warmed up again this week – we’re back around the 0C mark – we’re planning some skating. Just below the tree line on the right hand side you can see the sun reflecting off the ice. That’s a pretty big pond that the city clears of snow and it looks perfect for skating.


18 responses to “In The Bleak Mid Winter

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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Beautiful capture. Looks really cold.

    • The weather report actually reported ice crystals in the air. I’d never heard of that, but thought it didn’t sound good. Sounds like the air is actually freezing!

  3. I love the light in your photo. Cold, chilling, but very beautiful.

  4. Great winter capture & love those tones. My external backup sounds like a rattlesnake moved inside. I’m sure I will be doing something similar soon.

  5. Yes, concur with all … beautiful!

  6. I know what you mean about the blog; I’ve been delinquent in my posts too. Might just be the weather blues. Keep plugging away, Mike. With images like this one, you have a wonderful display of your talent. Nice capture!!

    • Thanks Steve! With the weather we’re (including you) having now, the snow is going to be gone soon. I best get out and get some more snow shots really soon!

  7. great picture and a great day to be out taking pictures.

  8. Love this shot! Really captures the beauty of an early winter’s morning!

  9. Cool Shot Mike 🙂 I need to get out and shoot more in the winter.

    • I find it a bit hard getting out in Edmonton in the winter and even harder finding something worth shooting. Edmonton can be so bleak in the winter, but there’s more than a few worthy subjects out there. I find that once I get out the door with my camera in hand, I’m glad I went out.

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