Smoke Reflections   9 comments

Smoke Reflections

I liked yesterday’s reflections so much, I decided some more were required. Here’s one that I prepared earlier. You may recognize it from my Gravatar icon.


9 responses to “Smoke Reflections

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  1. I have previously tried to make out what your gravatar was so it’s great to see this. I like the way it’s not quite symmetrical because of the flames.

  2. This is fascinating! It’s sort of like a UFO out of someone’s dreams, but not really menacing. Love the stargazing red eyes!

  3. As Meanderer stated, I too have also tried to figure out what your Gravatar is, glad to finally see the full version!:D

  4. This is great, it looks like some kind of sci-fi plasma insect alien…

  5. Very artistic! I like it alot!

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