Drip IV   12 comments

water drop, golden

Here’s another low perspective. This is one of my favourites from this series. I really like how the spherical drop appears as though it’s carefully balancing at the top of the tower of water. Like yesterday, this one is backlit using an off-camera flash bouncing off a gold reflector. My next goal is to figure out an arrangement whereby I can eliminate all edges from my water reservoir.


12 responses to “Drip IV

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  1. This one is really great! The wizard’s hat… ?
    You will also find beautiful images of water drops here: http://www.cnoresson.wordpress.com

  2. beautiful shot! You can see so many shapes in its abstraction!

  3. Even more striking than the last image. Great capture.

  4. Love the different curves in the drop pointing up to the orb. Fantastic!

  5. Wow this is really terrific! I love all the reflections! Great job Mike!!!

  6. Once again, really beautiful, Mike! Adrian

  7. Wizards hat, very fitting!

  8. Excellent shot. I saw an exotic alien planet, with a tentacle from a sea creature trying to catch a spherical bird.

  9. Brilliant capture! Loved it. Wow. 🙂

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