Drip V   10 comments

Water drop, reflection, pink, yellow

Taking the drips and cranking up the colours.

I haven’t posted a crown yet, so here’s a fresh one from about 30 minutes ago. I’m still working on my set up. I’ve now acquired a handy glass box (aka an aquarium) on the cheap to help contain the liquids, but also to help reduce that pesky edge in the background.


10 responses to “Drip V

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  1. gorgeous. I love the colour striation fine detail against the more unstructured colour behind.

  2. Beautiful photo.

  3. Another stunning image. Love the sharpness of the droplet against the soft background. Isn’t it amazing what the camera lens reveals.

  4. Wonderfully done! Love the reflection, too!

  5. I’m loving the drips! loving going over your blog again. You changed your theme/your look!

  6. A fish tank…genius! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one. The colours are simply wonderful, awesome job Mike!

    • Every glass bowl or dish in the house was way too thick. A fish tank is the only thing I could think of that I could shoot through. As for the colours, I must offer thanks to my daughter. I sent her off to find me something colourful. She ran off and came back five minutes later with a sparkly, pink, yellow, purple, and red cape from her dress-up drawer. Creates all that lovely bokeh. It’s my new favourite background!

  7. Funny, as the first thing I thought when I saw the background was “I bet he borrowed from the girls’ of the house.” Love the color and the bokeh. Really electric.

  8. Mike, I love this series – each one is a real gem! Adrian

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