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Sometimes I see things in my pictures that just call out for a little reflection abstraction. While this is #7 in the Drip series, it didn’t seem quite right to just call it Drip VII as the image seems a bit more open to interpretation this time. The deep red tones come from light bounced off the inside of a red plastic mixing bowl. The deep blacks come from back lighting the splash of water. The lack of obvious clarity is a result of my extracting the reflection of the water drop rather than the actual splash. I’ve then mirrored it in PS (plus some curves adjustments) to produce this final result.


13 responses to “Open to Interpretation

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  1. I see a bullet exit point. Or maybe I’ve watched too many CSIs. What did you see?

  2. My first impression was, “I have no idea what that is, but I really like it.” Well done.

  3. LIKE

  4. Honest, I passed the rorschach test when the folks in the white coats came… šŸ˜› I really like this image Mike, very well done (and, I think I will not say what I see as perhaps some people WILL think I am crazy)!

  5. Great composition.

    It looks like siamese old men dribbling liquid down their sagging wrinkled throats.

    (I wonder what the white coats would say to that interpretation)

  6. Very cool Mike. My first thought from the thumbnail was a Chinese Lantern, then when I saw the full size image it looked like a drop of ink in water.

  7. This makes me think of a chandelier

  8. Imaginative. Like it.

  9. Very artsy! You should add the tags ‘Digital Art’ and ‘Photmanipulation’ to this entry since they apply here and there are sites and folks completely devoted to this type of processing and they may want to seek you out.

  10. Another excellent one, Mike! Adrian

  11. Wonderful piece. I saw Bob Hope in there somewhere.

  12. Love this, love the whole series! I see the siamese twins too! Not so sure about Bob Hope.

  13. Wow! So very, very red šŸ™‚ It’s a great series.

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