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water drop, splash, ring

This is what you get when you drop a single drop of water on a dry mirror. Light source is a single, off-camera flash bouncing off a white background. How much simpler can you get?


20 responses to “Simplicity

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  1. Your water drop pics are so great!! Outstanding…art.

  2. You’re getting closer and closer to Shinichi Maruyama… VERY interesting image!

  3. You mean….simply AMAZING, right?? 🙂

  4. Brilliant! I gotta try this! Great image Mike!!

  5. Gee Mike! What an amazing series of water droplet shots! Glad to see you found a new creative perspective and photography skills. 🙂

  6. I thought this was a silver bracelet until I read your description. How many try did it take to capture this fantastic shot???!!!!

    • For every good drop shot I get, I probably get about 15 to 20 duds or complete misses. Either my timing is off or the resulting splash shape just isn’t visually pleasing.

  7. Very classy.

  8. I see gears! 🙂 Great series Mike.

  9. Simplicity at its very best

  10. Its no good, Mike, I just can’t get enough of this series of water drop pictures you’re producing! I have pretty strong Minimalist tastes and these images really get to me – and as you say, maybe this is the simplest of all. I like it so much I’m going to reblog it – great photography, Mike! Adrian

  11. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    I have strongly minimalist tastes, and Mike Moruzi is producing a series of water droplet photos that really get to me. The techniques Mike uses are very simple, but the results really rock! Here is perhaps the most minimal of them all – a water droplet hitting a dry mirror – incredible stuff! FATman

  12. Wonderful shot – I’ve enjoyed all your water images, but perhaps this the most.

  13. Very nice image, would sell very well in stock photography

  14. Superb. That’s all I can say! I LOVE this image.

  15. Nice work. Perfect timing.

  16. Wow! But definitely not as simple as you make it sound 🙂

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